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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caesar Salad

When I was in high school Home Ec class, I learned how to make Caesar salad.  So, since I was the oldest girl in the family and cooked dinner sometimes, often made our salads, I started giving my family the delicious and my favorite (still is) Caesar Salad.  I think everyone was happy to eat this delicious salad.  Below is the recipe that is closest to what I remember.

First wash and let dry the crispest greenest head of romaine.  While it dries (on paper towels) mix together:

Two eggs (coddled 1 minute)
1 large clove garlic, chopped finely
Juice of one squeezed lemon
3/4 C. olive oil
salt and pepper
Dairy-free Parmesan and wheat-free croutons

Mix well and toss over bite size torn greens.  Sprinkle with soy cheese Parmesan and serve with anchovies (optional) & croutons (wheat-free of course.)

Note:  I can't remember the exact ingredient quantities for this recipe.  But I think this is close.  They now suggest coddling the eggs--we never did this 30 years ago. Also cheeses that are aged longer have less lactose, so some cheeses are tolerable in some lactose-free folks.  For me, I can eat a little reg. Parmesan.


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