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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fish for Lunch

I eat five times per day.  This way my body is happy, my blood sugar stays up, I have plenty of energy and remain in a good mood, and my weight stays down.  Basically, I eat a lot of protein and keep my carbs low.  Carbs that I eat (since I don't eat wheat or gluten products (oats, rye, barley, etc.) are vegetable, fruit, and rice.  I like to eat a slice of gluten-free bread on occasion, but a lot of the breads I find out there have potato flour as a main ingredient.  Potatoes are high glycemic index (high sugar elevating).  Lowest of the starches is sweet potato, brown rice is next.  So I keep my gluten-free products, even the ones I make with rice flour, low on the glycemic index.

Okay, for lunch I like canned tuna (dolphin-free or canned salmon (wild caught) mixed with mayo, chopped pickle, chopped onion, and chopped celery.  I eat this served with rice crackers (not too many) sliced apples, a few slices of sheep cheese, and a cup of tea.  Bancha or Twig are low caffeine--which works better for me sleeping well at night.

Photo credit: Drummond Photography
Glycemic Index

Low GI55 or lessmost fruits and vegetableslegumes/pulseswhole grainsnutsfructose and products low in carbohydrates
Medium GI56–69whole wheat products, basmati ricesweet potatosucrose
High GI70 and abovebaked potatoeswatermelonwhite bread, most white ricescorn flakesextruded breakfast cerealsglucosemaltose

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