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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green Eggs & Ham Scramble

You know the story..."Sam I am, I am."   Dr. Seuss was my favorite author when I was four.  Now I read him to my grandson.  Still fun... a young woman, I raised Araucana chickens.  It was the late 70s.  I lived in Yakima on one acre--a mini farm where I raised my own vegetables, kept a milk goat and chickens.  Araucanas are small colorful birds that lay green and other colored eggs. My daughter was three then and together we collected eggs in our shirt fronts--you hold up the hem of your T-shirt, making it into a bowl.  She had a favorite hen she called Blackie that she carried around under her arm.  Chickens can make great pets, if you feel inclined to be friendly with them.  But that makes it harder to retire them to the stew pot later.  Try stopping at one of the "fresh eggs" signs along the highway and buy farm fresh eggs.  The flavor of a real free range chicken egg is amazing.

Beat until frothy:

4 farm-fresh eggs
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 Tbl. water

In a heated oiled pan add egg mixture.  Toss in chopped ham.  Trader Joe's has a non-nitrated ham that is very good.  You could use instead their Apple Smoked Bacon, crumbled.  Stir mixture until it is cooked through, but not dry.  Serve with Udi toast.  Enjoy, Nan, I am.


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