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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Avenue Bread's "Almost" Gluten-Free Bread

I buy the Almost Bread--which I slice and store in the freezer. When I want toast to serve with eggs or to make a toasted tuna sandwich with, I take out a couple of slices and stick them in my toaster. These breads have a tiny bit of milk in them. If you need to be completely strict, they may not work for you. I've had the English Muffins in house, as well as the cookies. All are yummy. See

Our "Almost" Line of Products

Made without gluten ingredients

Almost Bread · Almost Cookies - Almost Desserts · Almost English Muffins - Almost Croutons · Almost French Toast

Wondering what the “Almost” means in some of our products? It’s our way of telling you that we’ve done all we can to keep wheat (and other grain) gluten out of that particular pastry or bread.
If you’ve ever been in a bakery, you know that flour ends up coming in contact with most surfaces. What do we do to keep gluten out of our “Almost” products?
We wash all surfaces carefully, and package as soon as possible to minimize contamination. We bake “Almost” products in pans and on special liners so as to minimize any contact with gluten and we use ingredients like cassava (tapioca) starch and non-GMO cornstarch that have been carefully selected to work with a gluten-free diet.
Our “Almost” goodies should work well for most folks who are avoiding gluten, though many contain dairy ingredients.
If you are unsure as to whether our “Almost” products are right for you,
talk to your nutritionist and/or doctor before eating.

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